Treat Every Cancer like Metastatic Cancer

Cancer patients deserve a better outcome and an opportunity to take control of their disease. For most cancer patients, control means proactively preventing recurrence. For metastatic cancer patients, control means converting their cancer into a chronic, manageable illness. The solution starts by treating all cancers as metastatic cancers, and then designing therapies to solve that problem.

The Tumor Micro Environment is Under a lot of Pressure

      The tumor micro-environment is a hot topic these days. I suspect it has a lot to do with the rise of immunotherapy and the delta in performance of CAR-T therapies between hematological cancers versus solid tumors, which represent the majority of cancers. This year’s AACR meeting is producing more than a few…

EPR Effect: Cancer’s Achilles Heel, or Red Herring?

The EPR effect has been a Red Herring for those researchers and companies who have chosen to ignore the problem of internal tumor pressure. In the end, it is likely that cancer’s Achilles Heel lies in solving the internal pressure problem…

Has nanotechnology failed cancer patients?

Negative news abounded for cancer based nanotechnologies in 2016. From the outside, it might appear that its promise has faded. The reality is far from the truth. Like many great endeavors, past failures are shining a bright light on the path forward.

2017: Prognosticating Progress in Cancer Cures and Costs

2016 continued the trend of pharmaceutical companies filling their cancer therapy pipelines and investing significant capital in their oncology research and development programs. Despite this, and aside from a few well-polished product commercials, the industry had little new to celebrate at the end of 2016. Checkpoint inhibitors built on their previous successes, but have also begun to show their weaknesses. Revenue grew from a few “blockbuster,”