Aurimune-TNF and T-Cells: A Surprising Result

T-Cells are all the rage these days, and with good reason. It’s hard to find an academic laboratory or big pharma company that isn’t throwing their lot behind a PDL-1 or CAR-T technology of one type or another. CytImmune is not heading down that path, but since immunotherapy in most of its current forms is…

2017: Prognosticating Progress in Cancer Cures and Costs

2016 continued the trend of pharmaceutical companies filling their cancer therapy pipelines and investing significant capital in their oncology research and development programs. Despite this, and aside from a few well-polished product commercials, the industry had little new to celebrate at the end of 2016. Checkpoint inhibitors built on their previous successes, but have also begun to show their weaknesses. Revenue grew from a few “blockbuster,”