Aurimune-TNF and T-Cells: A Surprising Result

T-Cells are all the rage these days, and with good reason. It’s hard to find an academic laboratory or big pharma company that isn’t throwing their lot behind a PDL-1 or CAR-T technology of one type or another. CytImmune is not heading down that path, but since immunotherapy in most of its current forms is…

9 is NOT enough!

AUTHOR: David Oarr In June, I traveled to Washington D.C. where I joined more than 700 pancreatic cancer patients and advocates on the Hill.  We met with congressmen and senators, and we collectively proclaimed that a 9 percent  five-year-survival rate is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. In between events and running from one congressional office to another,…

Attacking Metastatic Breast Cancer

CytImmune wants to help individuals living with metastatic breast cancer live longer and maintain a high quality of life. We hope you will support our efforts to advance our technology through a Phase II clinical trial.

EPR Effect: Cancer’s Achilles Heel, or Red Herring?

The EPR effect has been a Red Herring for those researchers and companies who have chosen to ignore the problem of internal tumor pressure. In the end, it is likely that cancer’s Achilles Heel lies in solving the internal pressure problem…

Has nanotechnology failed cancer patients?

Negative news abounded for cancer based nanotechnologies in 2016. From the outside, it might appear that its promise has faded. The reality is far from the truth. Like many great endeavors, past failures are shining a bright light on the path forward.